Increase Indoor Air Quality in Donora and Monessen, PA

Equitable Heating & Air Conditioning Improves Your Indoor Air

Are you looking to promote better indoor air quality in Donora and Monessen, PA? Equitable Heating & Air Conditioning offers great air quality products to make your air cleaner and fresher. We work with residential and commercial customers to better promote clean air in their space. Some of these products include air filters and UV light filters to trap and remove bacteria, mold, and more. We can also provide indoor air quality assessments to get an idea of the air quality. Call Equitable Heating & Air Conditioning (412) 882-5500, or toll-free at (800) 339-6664 for a free estimate. Located in Pittsburgh, PA, we proudly serve Donora and the surrounding areas.

Selling Quality Air Filters for Homes and Businesses in Donora, PA

One way to improve the air quality in your home or business is to install an air filter. Those in Donora, PA, may struggle with pet dander, dust, and even outdoor pollution sneaking in. Installing an air filter in the HVAC system can trap bacteria, dander, dust, and other microbials that slip through. Those with asthma, allergies, and other respiratory issues may find more relief with an air filter. Talk to our HVAC contractors today to see what we have to offer in the Donora, PA, area.

Equitable Heating & Air Conditioning Offers UV Light Filters

Equitable Heating & Air Conditioning also offers UV light filters in Donora, PA, and the surrounding areas. UV light filters can remove viruses, bacteria, mold, and more in the ductwork. Our team will discuss the benefits of UV light filters, and install one in your home or business. Speak with our HVAC contractors today to learn more.

Contact Us for Air Quality Assessments in the Monessen, PA, Area

In order to properly treat poor indoor air quality, let Equitable Heating & Air Conditioning conduct an air quality assessment. We can check the air for pollution, mold, high amounts of dust and dander, and more. Once we see the main problems with your air quality, we can discuss filter options. Contact us today to schedule an indoor air quality assessment in Monessen, PA, or the surrounding areas.

Count on Equitable Heating & Air Conditioning to promote better indoor air quality in Donora and Monessen, PA.