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Equitable Heating & Air Conditioning is your air conditioning contractor for McMurray, PA, and Peters Township, PA. If you are in need of air conditioning for your home or business, count on us. We have over 90 years of HVAC experience and knowledge. Our technicians are up-to-date on the latest installation methods and standards. We can provide air conditioning sales and service that is reliable, fast, and efficient. Our cooling services include:

If you are in need of installation or repair on a new or existing air conditioning system, rely on the professionals. Call us at (412) 882-5500, (800) 339-6664, or contact us online to schedule an appointment today.

Offering Emergency Air Conditioning Repair Near McMurray, PA

Our knowledgeable technicians provide 24/7 emergency HVAC repair for air conditioning systems and more near McMurray, PA. When your air conditioning system fails, and indoor temperatures begin to rise, we understand you want relief fast. This is why we provide emergency services to keep you cool and comfortable. Our technicians can troubleshoot, locate, and fix the problem fast. When your air conditioning system needs emergency repair, you can rely on us.

Quality Air Conditioning System Installation Near Peters Township, PA

Installing an air conditioning system in your home or business near Peters Township, PA, is a large investment. That is why you must trust a reliable air conditioning installer to handle your new system. Equitable Heating & Air Conditioning offers the best air conditioning brands for your peace of mind. We can install and repair many brands, including:

You can trust us with all of your air conditioning needs and more. Contact us today.

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